Dr. Alain Brault D.M.D, Cert. Ortho.
Orthodontist treatment in Montreal and TremblantDr. Alain Brault D.M.D, Cert. Ortho.

Orthodontist treatment in montreal and Tremblant

Graduated in dental medicine at the University of Montreal in 1977, Dr. Brault D.M.D., Cert. Ortho. obtained his orthodontic certificate in 1980.

During his 35 years of practice, he never ceased to keep himself up to date with the latest orthodontic treatment technologies. His knowledge and his vast experience makes him a true expert. He is able to select the best possible techniques and tools to solve a teeth alignment problem for each of his patients. He always has been a reference among the orthodontic specialists who also teaches these new clinic competencies to the dentist brotherhood.

His permanent interest for the evolution of solutions in orthodontics treatmentslead him to be a Quebec pioneer and Senior Expert with the invisible Invisalign orthodontic method.

In 2012, after treating more than a 200 patients with this method, he has been named Premier Provider Elite for Invisalign.

His qualifications and influences

Throughout his career, Dr. Brault continued to follow different trainings with institutions and prestigious specialists to render his practice as efficient and modern as possible. Here are a few examples :

PMPG Dr Ron Roncone Group (California), which he is a member

This is an orthodontist group that exchanges knowledge on the latest technologies and on all sphere of a healthy practice. This touches customer service, treatment quality, the best possible advantages for treatment among children, the best possible criteria for a hollywood smile, adult treatment, the least ungraceful orthodontic devices and how to render an orthodontic treatment as a pleasant positive experience.

Las Vegas Institute for Dental Advanced Studies

The most popular aesthetic dentist institute in the world. They teach revolutionary methods in order for the mandible to find its comfort posture.

Dr. Mc Claughlin (California)

Perfectioning the methods in order to optimize the efficiency of the orthodontic movements treatments.

Dr Marcy Korn (Boston)

Training on the jaw posture.

His vision of orthodontic care


Proposing an efficient treatment in the shortest lap of time as possible for the well being of his teenager or adult patients.

Orthodontist Treatment

Results that are excellent within the respect of the patient expectations.


The memory of a pleasant experience in a welcoming ambiance.


That his patients have no doubt to refer his name to friends and family. They are the proof that it is never too late for an orthodontic treatment.

Personal information

Dr. Alain Brault is a man of the outdoors. From alpine skiing to water skiing, as well as tennis and golf, he maintains himself healthy. He constantly improves his posture with his regular pilates classes under his spouse Josée. His two children have left the nest and are currently pursuing their master’s degree. He his really proud of their accomplishments.