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Orthodontic care : Magalie’s mother thought that she was missing a lot of space between her front teeth, and that her smile was narrow. Which orthodontic care could Magalie beneficiate from in case of narrow maxillary?

Magalie is 8 and a half and she has been referred by her dentist. Her mother summarized her discussion with Magalie’s dentist and I start my preliminary exam. I notice that Magalie has a nice profile and that her face is well balanced. However, it is difficult for her to close her lips properly, and her mother confirms that she breathes a lot with her mouth, even if she does not snore while she sleeps.

I continue my exam and I realize that Magalie’s palate is deep and that her tonsils are bigger than average. This explains her tendency to breath with her mouth. I explain to her mother that this maxillary form does not help the development of the sinuses that are attached to the palate, and that is also a cause for the obstruct airways that leads to the overgrowth of the tonsils and adenoids.

We then decide to consult a otorhinolaryngologist in order to properly evaluate the adenoids and tonsils. I mention to her mother that not all specialists perform surgery in all tonsils cases because they tend to reduce by themselves after puberty. Some spray pump help to regularize their volume and clear the airways.

The recommended orthodontic treatment consists in making a device that will be fixed to the superior molars. Magalie won’t be able to remove it.There is a small screw incorporated in the device that her mother or father will have to activate once a day for about a month. This device allows to increase the palate width, which remains soft until the age of 15 years old, because the ossification is not yet completed. This procedure is not painful, and it is fast. She will keep the device for 8 months allowing a new cartilage to form, that will keep the palate to preserve this new width. Magalie will not have braces before the age of twelve, unless her incisors would be very crooked.

Dr. Alain Brault, Orthodontist in Montreal and Mont-Tremblant