Your teeth alignment concerns you?
Metallic braces are not compatible with your lifestyle?
Finally get a perfect smile!

Dr. Brault D.M.D. Cert. Ortho. proposes the invisible modern Invisalign® method to find your smile again.

This technique was developed by the american company Align Technology, and it is the most perfected system selected among the removable transparent aligners orthodontic devices.

The cost of treatment
Prices range from $ 1,500 to $ 9,000 depending on your condition. A free consultation is offered to evaluate your condition.

Financing Available for Invisalign
Starting at $ 200 per month
2 solutions!
Dentoplan or home financing without interest.
Tax credit and partly covered by most insurance

Joanne our Treatment Coordinator will help you get the maximum coverage and the best financing plan for you. Take advantage of the free consultation and come see us!

For whom is invisible orthodontics?

Whatever you age is, adult or teenager, the Invisalign® method that straightens your teeth is advised in these different situations:

  • Your teeth alignment has always been problematic
  • Your teeth are starting to lose their proper alignment
  • You are shy to be treated with traditional metal orthodontic devices, and you have refused such treatment until now
  • You wish for a treatment with an invisible device which is discreet and easy to clean
  • You have a chewing problem
  • You are planning to have an aesthetically pleasing treatment in order to polish your smile (replace missing teeth, put crowns and veneers)

How does the invisalign® treatment unfolds?

Examen condition buccale

1. The first appointment will be an information session.

The professional must meet you in a consultation appointment in order to properly inform you on the possible treatment options for your exact situation. This session should last about 30 minutes. Each case will be accurately evaluated by Dr. Alain Brault D.M.D., Cert. Ortho. to approve your eligibility for the Invisalign® treatment.

2. Accepting the treatment plan and data collection.

Once you have accepted the suggested treatment, an appointment of an hour duration will be scheduled.

This appointment’s purpose is to collect the necessary data for your treatment. This means that your mouth and your teeth will be photographed and x-rayed. Your teeth imprint will be taken with the Itero technology, an image capturing method that creates a 3D model that will allow us to conceive your personal aligners.

Acceptation plan de traitement et prise de données

Installing your aligners

3.Installing your aligners

Three weeks after the data collection, you will have an appointment to receive your personal orthodontic devices. These are invisible aligners that cover all your teeth. The number of aligners varies with the necessary alignment degree with your personal treatment plan.

4. Treatment monitoring

Each aligner will be worn for 14 days and night, except during meals, which is an average of 150 hours per device.

Control visits will be planned at every 8 to 10 weeks.

Suivi du traitement invisalign

Treatment duration

5. Treatment duration

The treatment duration is determined by the severity of the teeth alignment problem.
Minor: 3 to 8 months.
Moderate: 9 to 14 months. (most frequent)
Severe: 14 to 20 months.
Extremely severe: The method might have its limits. This means you might require traditional braces for a part of the treatment or even its entirety.

6. After the treatment

Once the teeth are properly aligned, a retention aligner will be required.
You will only wear this aligner during the night throughout the years following the treatment. This is an essential aspect of the treatment in order to relax the ligaments linking the teeth that have been stretched during the treatment.

At any moment Dr. Alain Brault D.M.D., Cert. Ortho., will choose the best option to keep your teeth perfectly aligned.

After the treatment

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