Braces for kids and teenagers : the main difference between adult orthodontics and braces for kids and teenager is that an kids and adolescent is still growing up. Because of this fact, the orthodontist can strategically combine teeth alignment with a problematic growth of the jaw.

Even if Invisalign® has first been created for adults, a treatment program has also been conceived for kids and teens. As a kid or a teenager, the conditions require to be suitable for the Invisalign® method are:

  • Having reached puberty
  • Having adult teeth (permanent teeth)

The adolescents from the Mont-Tremblant and Montreal clinic and their parents particularly appreciate the fact that Dr. Alain Brault D.M.D., Cert. Ortho. practices in dental clinics located in Mont-Tremblant, Mont-Laurier and in Montreal. It is not uncommon to see a young patient initially beginning his treatment at Mont-Tremblant or Montreal that will still be followed by Dr. Alain Brault D.M.D., Cert. Ortho. once he will complete his treatment in Montreal when he will pursue his studies.

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With our team, we want to shape your child’s smile painlessly and accurately.
That’s why we use the invisalign treatment which is particularly suitable for young people for several reasons:

It’s invisible, indeed the Invisalign Teen teen aligners are made of smooth, clear plastic, so most people will not see that your teen is wearing it, so they can continue to smile with confidence.
It is removable, and therefore allows great freedom of food, your teenager can remove them when he wants to eat freely without having to worry about jamming food in the device as with traditional rings. It also means that he can wash his teeth freely and maintain good dental hygiene.
They are made to measure, and evolve with you, aligning the teeth slowly and surely.
Suitable for any type of dentition, it solves simple and complex alignment problems
More precise, less painful, aligners made of SmartTrack material are more comfortable and are cut according to the gum line of the teenager for better fit and ease of installation and removal. They are also less painful for teenagers than metal rings.

Braces for kids and teenagers. In addition to sustainably aligning teeth with discretion, the invisalign treatment can boost self-confidence, at an age when the eyes of others and very important and where the difference is perceived as a disability, it can keep smiling in any situation, and flourish in any kind of activities without worrying about it.

Because teenagers are always moving, we use an invisalign system that brings together the following special features:
Wear indicators change color (dark blue to light) to allow you, your teenager and your Invisalign practitioner to measure the wear time of the aligners.

Special features designed to offset the eruption of new canines, which is common among teenagers.
Six free individual replacement aligners are included in case of loss.

So how far will they go without any obstacle in their path?
Discover how the alignment technology we use and the most advanced has helped teenagers turn their smiles less painfully. Imagine for a moment what it would change for your child.