How much does braces and Invisalign cost?

Each case is unique. The final cost for braces and Invisalign can only be established after a preliminary exam of your dental conditions. Which we offer a free consultation.

Braces and Invisalign cost
Prices range from $ 1,500 to $ 9,000 depending on your condition. A free consultation is offered to evaluate your condition.

Financing Available for braces and Invisalign cost
Starting at $ 200 per month
2 solutions!
Dentoplan or home financing without interest.
Tax credit and partly covered by most insurance

Joanne our Treatment Coordinator will help you get the maximum coverage for braces and Invisalin cost and the best financing plan for you. Take advantage of the free consultation and come see us!

Financing options

A traditional or invisible orthodontic treatment can be an important investment. Some payments and financing options are available:


    or home financing, we split your amount with the number of month of your treatment.

Some tax deductions may apply. Inform yourself with your tax specialist.