Digital simulation, before and after Invisalign

Visualise this serie of teeth movement that will occur with the Invisalign 3D virtual simulation.
After the acceptation of a treatment plan, the data collection diagnosis will create this simulation, which is a motivation tool to maintain self-discipline during the treatment in order to obtain the smile of your dreams.


In this case,with the before and after Invisalign, the patient’s teeth were overlapping one another and the dental arches were too narrow.
By expanding the arches, we managed to obtain the necessary space to realign the canines and the incisors.

Dents avancées

In this case,with the before and after Invisalign, the patient’s teeth were sticking out.
To correct this situation, we extracted a premolar on the right and on the left. Thanks to the new available space, we could correct the angle and the position of the superior incisors.

Espace sévère

For this patient,with the before and after Invisalign,we observed a severe space in between the central incisors.
The teeth realignment was possible by adjusting simultaneously the excess of the superior teeth on the inferior ones.


Here, with the before and after Invisalign, the inferior incisors overflowed above the superior incisors creating wear and tear among many incisors because of the friction. Even with such a severe malocclusion (misalignment of jaws), the patient did not require surgery. We managed to correct the angle, inverse the incisors, and veneers have been places on the worn teeth.

Arcade trop étroite

A form of very narrow dental arches lead this patient to not have enough space, which prevented his superior canines to align properly. Being trapped under the superior incisors, the inferior incisors were overlapping one another.

We have rounded the dental arches and leveled the curve of the inferior incisors.

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