Teeth alignment

The question that I get asked the most frequently: Am I too old to correct my teeth alignment problem with Invisalign?

Can I have invisible orthodontic devices for teeth alignment?

There is no age factor. The most important factor is to have healthy gums.

If the face shape is well balanced and that the teeth are supported by a symmetrical base, the quality of the result that I can offer is excellent with a treatment that should last between 8 and 10 months. Not any longer.

If the gums health is not good, first we need periodontic treatments (which consists in a gum and support bone treatment). After a healthy recovery, we can begin the treatment for teeth alignment.

During the entirety of the treatment, a spotless buccal hygiene is necessary. The teeth adjustment movement does not like inflamed gums (that bleeds during toothbrushing for example). The straighten up of the teeth comes from the fact that there is a restructuring of the periodontal ligament. If there is inflammation, the restructuring cells will weaken the bone that holds the teeth. The gum will come loose and the tooth will be less solid.
Don’t worry, because all along your treatment, we will follow-up the progression and you will be put back on the right track if your toothbrushing or your dental flossing are problematic!
In my opinion, the adult is an excellent patient for orthodontics care with the invisible device because he is highly motivated and respects the instructions.
A beautiful smile must be supported by the upper lip, it is like a youth therapy. The impact on the lip circumference is durable and also natural.
Don’t hesitate, the answer is: yes, I can realign my teeth with Invisalign!

Dr. Alain Brault, Orthodontist in Montreal and Mont-Tremblant