Teenager orthodontics : The growth of a child has its strategic moments. If we only take a close look at the skull and face development, there are some very important changes. Especially during the early part of childhood for the skull, and during puberty for the face.

The skull almost reaches its complete volume before the age of 5, while the face to which the maxillary are attached, in addition to the mandible continue to develop at a slower pace. However, you will notice a rapid growth at the age of 12 for the girls and at the age of 14 for the boys.

In fact, the maxillary and the mandible grow faster to reach their full maturity. During this progression, they extend vertically and horizontally, and depending on the genetic baggage, the alignment is normal or some family features develop.

For example: The bottom jaw setting back or the maxillary moving forward are most frequent. The jaw and chin moving up front are the least frequent scenario.

Consequently, orthodontics and adolescence go very well together during this stage of child development. Orthodontics can correct many growth anomalies. Orthodontics is really efficient when the gap between both jaws does not exceed 6mm. The most severe anomalies will have to wait for adult age because a maxillofacial surgery will be necessary.

The correction of the advance superior teeth with a narrow jaw is the dental malocclusion that is being treated the most efficiently during the rapid growth that occurs in teenage years. All the jaw growing elements towards the front bottom are favorable to resolve the gap issue.

I recommend to have a first consultation around the age of 8. The purpose of this first encounter is to correctly assess the dental development because there still are primary teeth, and at the same time, it is possible for me to detect any jaw growth problem. During this meeting, it will be possible to plan the needs (if necessary), and the appropriate time frame to obtain the most efficient orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Alain Brault, Orthodontist in Montreal and Mont-Tremblant