Result obtained with invisalign

Result obtained with Invisalign : Gabriella’s question:

I have mes Invisalign devices since a year and a half, and my bottom teeth aren’t perfectly centered with my upper teeth. I also feel that my last upper molar is not perfectly aligned with the first one. Is this normal?
In fact, her question is relevant. Even if the result is excellent despite Gabriella’s observations, we need to put ourselves back into the original context 18 months ago at the very beginning of her Invisalign treatment. In fact, the result perception can change for Gabriella that witnesses a spectacular realignment of her teeth and that does not understand that there are some limits to what we can do.

Result obtained with Invisalign : All of her teeth are now straight except for the second right upper molar. This tooth is known for being difficult to access and the bone that supports it combined with chewing can limit the 100% result expectations.

Result obtained with Invisalign : Her smile is flawless, but the bottom center does lightly differ from her upper center. The bottom bone structure that contains the jaw and the apophysis alveolus dental can be slightly asymmetrical with the upper maxillary, which limits the 100% correction of the center despite a perfect alignment with the bottom teeth.

Result obtained with Invisalign : I explain Gabriella that we need to accept those tiny variables in nature because perfection is very difficult to achieve, even with a reliable treatment like Invisalign. We would have needed to select very aggressive treatment methods such as jaw surgery or teeth extraction, but this was not worth it for her treatment.

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Dr. Alain Brault, Orthodontist in Montreal and Mont-Tremblant