Orthodontic retention : An orthodontic treatment enables the teeth to realign. After a lengthy period of wearing dental devices that are either fixed to the teeth or removable (like the invisible Invisalign aligners), it is recommended to continue with something that is named retention in orthodontics. This consists in wearing a dental device while you sleep. Why are they necessary?

The teeth adjustment is made by reshaping the bone that encircles the root of the tooth. The zone around the tooth is name dental alveolus.

The ligaments that encircle and hold the tooth in its alveolus are then stretched.

Once all the teeth are properly aligned, the ligaments need to relax. This takes twelve months.

The teeth will be stabilized with a removable device or with an unnoticeable wire that will be glued to the back of the bottom incisors despite more complicated daily toothbrushing.

On a long term basis, it is recommended to wear a device once a week during the night. The retention in orthodontics allows to maintain the results that were achieved during your treatment while securing your teeth environment.

LIFETIME orthodontic retention
The only way to maintain the tooth alignment indefinitely is with permanent guidance or lifetime retention. This means wearing a removable retainer 4-7 nights per week forever. Removable retainers must be used in both the upper and lower jaws.

Dr. Alain Brault, Orthodontist in Montreal and Mont-Tremblant