Invisible orthodontics adapter for teenagers : Last week, I had Maxime sitting on my exam chair. He has an alignment problem with both his bottom and superior teeth, and his superior teeth are forward.
The mother tells me that Maxime heard a form of realignment treatment that does not involve traditional braces, and this is how he wishes to be treated.

I answer that there is in fact a new technology which consists in a series of invisible aligners that Maxime would have to replace every two weeks for a period of time similar to the one of traditional braces.

Because Maxime has forward teeth and that his treatment will last for about 20 months, he will have to wear elastics (like he would have with traditional braces) in order to back up his superior incisors. There are small hooks integrated in the aligners to put the elastics.

However, his mother is wondering if he will really wear his aligners thoroughly, because they are easy to remove. This is indeed a debate that often reappears. I answer while looking at Maxime that the patient cooperation is usually really good, because he knows that he really wants straight teeth.

I also tell his mother that a lack of cooperation is just as frequent with traditional braces as some patients do not brush well or that sometimes the metallic braces are abused, as are the elastics. I turn over to Maxime and I repeat the instructions in order to achieve the desired results, and tell him that his dedication must be irreversible.

I tell him that I want this two years experience to be enjoyable, and that the target is to obtain a smile that will be an advantage in his future, and also boost his self-confidence.

You may just discover some easy ways to save you trouble in the long run OR improve your smile in record time.

Dr. Alain Brault, Orthodontist in Montreal and Mont-Tremblant