Invisalign improvements : Some recent Invisalign upgrades have had an impact on the devices, which lead to a greater flexibility in the material that the invisible aligner is made of.

The adaptation is even better, and the pressure that is applied on the teeth is softer and even more efficient. This innovation added to the sampling of the dental print made with a 3D photographic scanner allows to have a 98% close to reality moulding.

Even more comfort
A pressure on the teeth that gives the orthodontic movements a faster and more efficient pace.

Here is an article presented during the 2012 Invisalign Montreal symposium.

Align Technology Announces January 21st Availability of SmartTrack(TM) Invisalign(R) Aligner Material

A highly elastic aligner material that delivers more constant force to improve control on tooth movements.

Study shows significant improvement in control of tooth movements such as rotation and extrusions (p<0.001)* Statistically significant at greater than 99.9% confidence level (data on file at Align Technology. Compared to patients treated with aligners made with current invisalign material (year 2012 and before). CLINICALLY PROVEN MORE EFFECTIVE A study conducted of more than 1,000 patients treated with Invisalign aligners made with SmartTrack showed significant improvements in control of tooth movements such as rotations and extrusions compared to patients treated with aligners made with the prior Invisalign material. Contact us to beneficiate the latest Invisalign upgrades for your orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Alain Brault, Orthodontist in Montreal and Mont-Tremblant