Chewing problems : They are some orthodontic solutions with traditional devices or the invisalign aligners.

When a medical condition creates problems with chewing or swallowing, the simple act of eating can become anything but. Pain in the mouth, stiffness or discomfort in the jaw muscles, or problems with your teeth can make it tough to chew solid foods.

“I notice that the jaw slightly deviates when I chew because some of my teeth catch it first.”

It is the occlusal interference that makes the jaw deviate during chewing. Some premature contacts occur on one or many teeth. These teeth are then subjected to some stress which affects the enamel.

Even if the enamel is hard, the crown of this tooth bends a little and this small torsion repeats provoking micro fractures. The enamel than detaches while the dentine below and a lign of the fractured enamel appears in the gum line. This fracture line is named “cuneiform gap”. On a long term basis, a larger dental enamel patch can fracture itself.

An orthodontic correction with the fixed device or the “Invisalign” removable ones will allow to set back upright the teeth that are interfering and redistribute evenly the teeth in order to eliminate their weakening, and also protect the gums that support them. You will rediscover a comfortable and efficient manner of chewing.

A dental correction to solidify the enamel and refresh the appearance of your smile will be necessary.

Dr. Alain Brault, Orthodontist in Montreal and Mont-Tremblant