Adult orthodontics, orthodontics is not only for teenagers. Actually, orthodontics doesn’t have an age!

There is no restriction to align your teeth, even at the adult age as long as you meet certain conditions:

  • Having healthy or well restored teeth
  • Having healthy gums
  • Having an impeccable discipline in order to properly apply the necessary buccal daily hygienic measures

Your orthodontist will recommend an adult orthodontics treatment to properly align your teeth in order to :

  • Eradicate a chewing problem
  • Replace missing teeth
  • Straighten your teeth properly for aesthetic purposes

A jaw problem should be clearly identified before requiring an orthodontic treatment. Some jaw problems might become a restriction among adults to be accessible for an orthodontic treatment. Dr. Brault D.M.D., Cert. Ortho. will be able to discuss with you the different possibilities in order to find the proper solution that will suit you best.

Ask for a consultation and evaluate your options