Dr. Alain Brault D.M.D., Cert. Ortho. is recognized to be the Quebec orthodontist who treated a great number of patients with the Invisalign technique. However, it is possible that certain patients are not suitable for this technique. His 30 years expertise allows him to evaluate each patient and recommend the most appropriate treatment method.

A deficient and sever teeth alignment might not give Dr. Brault D.M.D., Cert. Ortho. another choice, but to use a traditional braces realignment method for a part or even the entirety of the orthodontic treatment.

Two methods for accelerated orthodontics, two approaches for accelerated orthodontics.

Classical metal braces work with an orthodontic wire that connects each tooth with a miniature bracket glued to the surface of the tooth. The wire is made of an alloy that generates a light pressure. To create this movement, it is necessary that many teeth are connected to one another.

Usually, the wires are replaced every eight weeks or until the teeth are properly aligned. The treatment duration varies depending on the types of movements that are required. As for the aesthetics, gray miniature metal brackets exist, as well as some porcelain ones that are virtually invisible.

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